Day 4 & 5 : Filming : Paris


Brittany, France

Time for a change in location, we packed up the vans and drove out of Paris, headed for Brittany. After a 5 hour drive we arrived around lunch time to this beautiful spot on the French coastline called Plage De Trestrignel, straight to the café on the beach for their famous crepes and a beverage.

Brittany is known for their variety of crepes, you can order anything from savoury vegetarian crepes with warm goats cheese and salad to the dessert crepes with apple and smooth caramel sauce, all to die for and to the point of plate licking but we were in public so stopped there. I went for the warm vegetarian crepes and my friends ordered mains and dessert, I like it when that happens, so I pinched a couple of mouthfuls of each.

Feeling a bit lethargic after sitting in the car for such a long time, it was time to head off for the coastline walk. I wasn’t really sure what the plan was for filming this day, as we had been split over 3 cars. I knew we were going to be on the beach all day until sunset so had plenty of time to enjoy the Brittany surrounds.

IMG_8337 (1).jpg

I took off after lunch. Walked around the coastline and snapped these beach houses, if that’s what you can call them, more like little fairy-tale castles sitting on the coast to keep watch over the pristine and flat ocean, just a beautiful sight. After taking too many photos my phone was running very low on battery, I turned around to find the crew but could have walked for longer. Where were we heading to next? Today was going to be full of surprises.

the beach scene

We started filming on the beach, a favourite spot, climbing rocks, jumping into the ocean, being stranded because the tide came in, the team all lending a hand, still laughing and smiling as we captured everything. By this stage between changes we had to amuse ourselves, the two girls doing hair and make-up, and styling had the funniest sense of humour. Even speaking their jokes in French, their laughter was contagious, it set the mood during those moments of waiting.

the horse

For the afternoon scene we moved to another beach location and the best prop arrived – a horse. I had been waiting for this so much after reading that part of the brief. I couldn’t wait to see it all unfold.

The scene

“It has always been the same dream. Him on a horse…riding towards the ocean.”

We start the film with the visual of a man on a horse, dressed sardonically. In the wilderness. We see water bubbling underneath a great ocean floor. A loud whistle breaks the reverie and we see a young women in a subway open her eyes.


Filming there for the rest of the day, as the sun disappeared the temperature dropped dramatically, even icy. The water stopped moving, if that was possible and all the locals went home to warmth. We waited, for a new filming term that I learnt “the blue light” it’s the best time of the day to film this scene. By now, it is just before 11pm, everyone is getting tired and hungry, the two girls have stopped their jokes, but I could continue till whenever.


Once we captured what was needed, we headed off for dinner, the town restaurant stayed open for us, real French hospitality, we rocked up in our three vans and headed in for a late night feast. The waiter was full of energy, happy to see us and delivered food, wine and beers quickly to energise the empty tanks. The music playlist helped the weary bodies come back to life, it was rocking the whole restaurant, next to us was a table of skydivers, something I will be going to try one day. (Don’t read this kids)

Anyway, this was an amazing day, I don’t have a favourite day out of this filming week, because it just got better and better. That night we headed home around 2am, yet to check into the AirBnb accommodation. I set the alarm for a 5am rise. Just enough zzz’s to enjoy the next day as we were only filming in the morning and could sleep in the car on the way back to Paris.


The forest

Off we go into the forest, smoke machine and a dash of vodka to warm the insides to kick start the day, we filmed the last scene of the week, all good things must come to an end, we packed up again, started the drive back to Paris.

We arrived back into Paris late one Friday evening to the street celebrations of Summer solstice, the longest day of the year, we headed home to our units, had a rest, got changed and headed out to the streets where the biggest ever street party was happening.


This reminded me of Notting Hill Festival when I used to dance around the streets with the bands every summer. A great way to wrap up the week and celebrate with the special people who helped make this happened. I got home just in time before the sun came up, patting myself on the back, I could still dance on the streets till 5am, tick done.

I’m going to wrap up this Paris trip with the theme Empowerment. A quote I stumbled across yesterday just as I sat down to write this blog. The week in Paris, was more than filming, it was about being in your own business, with and around people who light you up, feeling empowered and free.

Over the past couple of years I’ve been exploring what that means in all aspects of life and how certain people come into your life and empower you. My wish is, it is still early days, that we develop our films, this blog, the stories we capture, lifestyle clothing that makes you feel good, moments we will experience and share through Naudic collections and Round the Globe platform, that it will bring you on a journey, light you up, inspire and empower you to go after what you love to do.


back home

When I landed back home and literally walked into the festival of 18 thudding on the deck, a party Sophia had organised all by herself while I was away. After a trip the first faces I love to see are my children’s, it just lights up my face because I look at them as they are building their lives and I hope they will have people around them who empower them, light them up and allow them the freedom of being themselves.


The party was in full swing on the deck, I was so ready to sober up but no they were like “Emma come on”, they gave me a vodka, rolled me a rollie to smoke and included me in their party. I was relieved when they headed out to the clubs at midnight, my partying was definitely done, I was kindly left with the mess to clean up.




When I first visited France after quitting my job in London, we went to an island just off the coast of Brittany and had a lovely afternoon tea party in the grounds of these beautiful French couple, a connection through my Aunt Jan.

This sense of freedom in France has remained with me, their love of living life is something to embrace and they do it so well, it’s taken me a few weeks to recover.

Keep smiling and serving.

Emma x