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You can’t cover everything and if you did, you’d be carrying way too much stuff around and it would slow you down. Anything missing can always be bought when you arrive at your travel destination. In 2 weeks, I will be taking the first group with me on my next design trip to India. I’m both excited and nervous about launching our Round the Globe tours. The India October ‘19 dates are now live, and I look forward to taking the next group with me for more fun and life changing experiences. The first question I’m asked is: “What do I pack?”


What do I pack?

Anyone that travels with me, knows, I’m a kind of go with the flow travel type of person, I always pack the night before, I’ve been known to leave something behind at most destinations, but as long as I have my favourite things and good company, I’m fine. This week, I went and caught up with the original India tour crew and chatted to them about their favourite travel tips. From our chats, here is a summary of their words, it was good fun to hear everyone’s individual responses, and top tips, thank you girls and guys.

emma and friend’s TOP TIPS

I’ll go first. One of the lessons I learnt this year when we were in South Africa, I went to hire a car, only to discover my drivers license had expired 3 weeks ago. We managed to work our way around this, but now I double check expiry dates on all the important documents prior to travelling, I try to not make the same mistake twice.

  • DENIM: I always pack my favourite denim pieces, they are well loved and it gives a feeling of familiarity when you are in unfamiliar places, like a security blanket. Plus I know I can wear them with anything, no thought required. I have a favourite denim jacket, plus my denim shorts, denim skirts and overalls. My faithful denim jacket now has holes in it and it will soon be time for an update, add this to goals 2020.

  • ACTIVE WEAR: I like to pack my exercise gear and my everyday wear in separate travel bags so I can quickly get to it for those early morning walks, and I don’t have to dig around through everything to find what I’m looking for.

  • SNACKS: I like to pack healthy snacks I can easily reach for when waiting for a flight or out on the road. I stock up on rice crackers, almonds, dried veggie crisps from the local health food shop and try not to eat them before I leave for the trip.

  • LIGHTWEIGHT: I like to have lightweight natural fibres so I feel comfortable and it breathes, plus long sleeves protect my arms. Cotton and silk make you feel the best when travelling.

  • CARE PACKAGE: I will pack a facial mask and a good moisturiser for re-hydration after the long flights.

  • Plan for 2 pairs of underwear per day.

  • Definitely pack sunscreen and pack mosquito repellent

  • I will never go away without the mascara and lipstick and always packed swimwear.

  • Pack a comfortable tracksuit or loungewear that you can throw on at the end of the day, so you are half decent when answering the day for room service.

  • Never take jewellery or anything that you are afraid to lose and pack a good camera.

  • Make sure you have plenty of currency and take two credit cards.

  • Do not over-pack and allow enough room for your souvenirs, in India you’re going to find lots of beautiful items to bring home.

  • Always have a carry-on backpack, so your hands are free, plus it can then be used as an overnighter if you go away for a few nights. Leave the main suitcase in hotel storage.

  • Some friends suggested rolling garments takes up less room.

  • Okay the best travel tip is: I’m always going with Emma and always wear NAUDIC. Haha.

  • Try to not look too much like a tourist.


  • Carry a travel journal to write thoughts and notes, about destinations.

  • A travel pack of special teas, a scented candle, a special coffee cup, and lavender oil for my pillow every night.

  • Noise cancelling headphones, a must when travelling alot

  • 70% Dark chocolate when energy wanes.


  1. First, I start by laying everything out on the bed and then I see how it all looks and I remove a few pieces.

  2. Download movies and books to your phone, iPad or laptop.

  3. Make sure you know your phone plan, so you don’t get charged enormous amounts of overseas usage.

I personally don’t have a suitcase packing method because I’m on the move from trip to trip, airport to airport, the important part for me is to have my mobile office, diaries, phone, camera, all in a backpack. That just travels with me.

For each person coming on our tours, you will receive a Naudic travel bag, full of goodies to make you feel relaxed and settled as soon as possible.

Please send through any other tips and tricks and we can grow this list together.


Safe travels and have fun!

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