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A true love story - ageless and magical.
For that is what love draws out in all of us. A touch of magic. 

Suspend belief and enter this world. A young man and woman who don’t know each other find each other in their dreams. The story unfolds.
With Naudic through the entire way to help them realise this Utopian dream of true love.


Round the Globe Films

About the Director

Keyur Shah


Keyur is a Film Director from Mumbai, India. Based in Mumbai, Keyur has travelled all around the world, filming TV commercials, including the Naudic Campaign films in Udaipur and Paris. He is the other half of the idea behind, Round the Globe with Emma, travel mini series. An extension of everything Naudic stands for.

Keyur has a compassionate eye, a talent at capturing human situations and cultures from around the world, by evoking emotion and drawing you in. He has worked with tourism boards, international brands, and industry leading companies to create engaging film campaigns.

You can follow him on Instagram