Emma Puttick, the creative mind behind fashion label Naudic, is opening up her world to travellers in need of a little inspiration. For over a decade, Emma has drawn creative energy from almost every corner of the globe, channelling it into each collection she creates. Naudic Inspiration Tours presents a different type of travel experience.  One that will ignite the creative mind, no matter what your passion or craft may be. 

Experience intricate itineraries that only a local would know, connect with incredible people and discover places far from your typical tourist route. Emma’s unique connection to the locals and the lands promises a priceless and authentic experience, perfect for those with an idea to be realised. Through Naudic Inspiration Tours, Emma will open the door to her version of the world, inviting others to share in her creative process and embark on a journey to discover roads less travelled.


Upcoming India Tours

January 13 - 21
February 17 - 25
March 23 - 31
April 20 - 29


A Bespoke Experience
like no other


Immerse yourself into the rich cultures of India and South Africa with an intimate, curated group of like-minded people. This is the chance for you to switch off and re-connect with your creativity. Emma will personally introduce you to local artisans, guide you through once in a lifetime destinations, teach you how to live like a local and help you re-learn how to take inspiration from the world surrounding you.   

Learn from an entrepreneur who turned her passion for traveling the world into a business, making a living out of global inspiration through the garments she creates. Emma wants to share her insights and impart her knowledge and experiences onto those who are ready to drop everything and truly experience the world. Where you start isn’t often where you end up.

Join Emma on an Inspiration Tour and discover where your journey can take you.